Bluestockings Magazine
From Fall 2013 to Spring 2015, I worked as a print designer and then art director for Bluestockings magazine, and anti-oppressive pulication based in Providence, RI. As a print designer, I worked with my fellow designers, editors, and writers to create two 100-page print issues, which can be seen below.

After a year as a print designer, my colleagues voted me to be the art director of the magazine. This meant working with a staff of 10 illustrators with far more craft and creativity than myself, in order to create at least 3 illustrations weekly for our online articles, solicit art submissions from Providence artists, and lead the development of that year's print issue.
Issue 3 can be viewed below on Scribd.

Bluestockings Magazine Issue 3 by bluestockingsmagazine on Scribd

Issue 4 can be found hosted on Issuu here.

Check out the website here. I unfortunately can't take credit for its new lovely design.